Our Services

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Tenant Representation

  • Identify the requirements of customer (size, price, location, timing, use compatibility)

  • Present viable options within the requirements specific to the tenant prospect

  • Inquire about the details of tenants selected potentials and arrange site tour

  • Provide an in-depth market analysis of the micro market for lease

  • Negotiate lease and terms (build out period, rent abatement, exit clause, pricing)

  • Execute lease and adapt tenant to new space

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Property Acquisition

  • Complete questionnaire with prospect on requirements (type of asset, cap rate, disposition goals)

  • Search options both on and off market, present to buyer in professional format

  • Site tours with concierge experience

  • Market analysis (both comparable and income approach)

  • Draft Letter of Intent (price terms, timing, financing option, clauses, addendums escrow and closing)

  • Execute contract and due diligence period (inspections, legal, verification of income, leases, title)

  • Close and transition to new buyer

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Landlord Representation

  • Develop goals for landlord representation

  • Create in depth property analysis and leasing strategy

  • Execute listing and offering material.

  • Prospect for specific tenants

  • Create and negotiate proposals

  • Lease guidance and execution

  • Increase landlord’s bottom line

Modern Building

Seller Representation

  • Present market analysis and listing presentation

  • Build coming soon campaign

  • List property on multiple outlets

  • Canvassing property area

  • Organize financials

  • Professional photography and video

  • Formal offering of memorandum

  • Present offers and negotiate terms

  • Execute closing