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What are Smart Amenities?

Updated: Jun 3

Commercial real estate keeps getting smarter! Many builders and developers are beginning to evolve their infrastructures to include smart amenities to keep up with the current digital era.

What are smart amenities?

According to South Pace, smart amenities are devices or services that use the internet to automate operations and efficiencies. Some of the most well-known ones are voice assistants (i.e., Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant), smart thermostats, locks, and lighting. The purpose of integrating smart technology within buildings is to make the customer/user experience more convenient and accessible. Finding a property with these features already built-in gives a business or commercial real estate investor an advantage over competitors.

Here are some of the latest advancements in smart buildings that are benefiting investors, owners, and businesses!

HVAC management

One aspect of buildings that can be easily overlooked is the air conditioning system. They are vital for a business, which is why systems have evolved to be more technologically efficient. An HVAC management system allows someone to set the temperature in an entire building and specific sub-zones. This is a huge plus for people looking to invest in property because it’s an easy way to save money on electricity.

Smart elevators

A more recent development in commercial real estate is the addition of smart elevators. People can access and call for an elevator just by using an application on their phone. Although this may not be a necessity for a business, it does add a unique experience to the consumer and leaves a memorable impression. Smart elevators also do more than answer apps; they can detect how many people are on it before determining if it’s safe to move.

Security and access

Building security and access is always a concern when it comes to finding a property. Innovations in technology have allowed for safer and more efficient protocols that enable a business to have more control over who can enter the building. According to Lifewire, people can use an application on their phone to pass a security clearance, access a room, and/or lock doors. Having this feature in an office space creates a safer environment for employees and customers.

Lighting Sensors

A typical smart amenity that most people are familiar with is light sensors. Electricity can be one of the highest costs for a business, so this feature is appealing to businesses and property owners. According to Wirecutter, many developments make it so someone can turn lights on and off a smartphone. It may seem unnecessary, but it’s a great way to save money.

Smart parking

Another advancement that has changed the game for commercial property is smart parking tools — wondering where someone would put the technology for this? The answer is right under your feet. When making the parking lot, sensors are placed in the pavement to help drivers find parking spaces faster. This feature makes the consumer’s experience more convenient and enjoyable.

With so many technological advancements within commercial real estate, finding a perfect location can be a challenge. Let us help! Contact us through the form on our home page, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect location.