• Erin Ryan

Keep Your Business Connected

Business is where the Internet is! According to a study conducted by Kelsey Conley, properties with higher internet speeds have higher values and increased consumer and employee satisfaction. Here are some of the ways Wi-Fi connectivity can benefit your business!

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Lack of Wi-Fi access can be a dealbreaker for customers. When people walk through your store, an internet connection allows them to do product research, communicate with others, and potentially share their experiences online. According to Klient Solutech, having Wi-Fi in your business helps you connect with your customers and build a more robust network with them. In addition, some businesses utilize the Wi-Fi settings for additional promotional services. Once a customer connects to your company’s Internet, they will be redirected to the company website. This allows customers to browse online deals and encourages them to spend more.

Promotes Productivity

An easy way to optimize productivity levels is by having a reliable internet connection. As a result, people can finish tasks quicker and more efficiently. This also boosts employee satisfaction because the workflow is more efficient. In an article by Fred Mouawad, he mentioned that a stable internet connection helps employees conduct more research and raises the benchmarks for productivity. They can also spend more time discovering new techniques and trends to help benefit your business.

Solve Common Hassles

The Internet can be used to resolve common issues that occur in the office. For example, in retail, it can help monitor foot traffic, control lighting and thermostat levels. Eliminate all of those minor difficulties by integrating the Internet and smart technology within your building. As mentioned in our Smart Amenities blog, many technological advancements within infrastructures have been made to evolve with the digital era. HVAC management, smart elevators, and lighting sensors are just a few examples of how the integration of internet technology within buildings can solve common inconveniences within the workplace.

The Internet is transforming commercial real estate, and it can be hard to find a place where you’ll be connected. Let us help! Contact us through the form on our home page, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect place.