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Dog-Friendly Offices

One of the hardest parts of the morning is leaving your furry ones behind to head to work. But, what if you owned an office space where you can bring them with you? Pets in the workplace create benefits for employers and employees. Here are some of the reasons for having a pet-friendly office space!

Reduce Stress

Pets provide more mental and emotional support than their owners realize. Depending on the field of business you’re conducting, dogs in the office can provide an emotional escape for workers and create a comfortable environment. In a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, they discovered dogs could help the human body produce oxytocin, a hormone that relieves stress. The study also found that they can lower the body’s cortisol levels, a hormone produced by stress. As a result, the less stress in the office, the happier employees and employers will be.

Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle

Along with reducing stress in the workplace, pets also encourage a healthier lifestyle for workers. For instance, dogs need physical exercise throughout the day, which means employees will have to leave the office to take them for walks. In addition, taking breaks from sitting behind a computer all day is healthy and allows people to stay active throughout the day. According to LifeLearn Animal Health, moving throughout the day makes employees feel more energized during work hours. Encouraging a healthy work-life is also beneficial for a company’s image because it displays how employee health is a priority.

Increase Teamwork

When an office works as a team, product quality improves because employees have a network of reliable people to collaborate with. Research conducted by Deborah L. Wells has shown that dogs promote interactions between staff, leading to a healthy social atmosphere. Many people find others more inviting if they have a pet. By allowing them in the office, people will be less intimidated by coworkers, encouraging everyone to work together.

Higher Employee Retention

Although more workplaces are starting to allow animals in the office, they are far from the norm. People love their pets, and a pet-friendly environment is a massive draw for those looking for work. According to Mars Petcare’s 2019 annual report: Better Cities for Pets, 87% of polled employers found that being pet friendly attracts new talent and increases employee retention. This is because workers feel like the company supports their physical, mental and emotional health.

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